Rohan | guide to cannabis nutrientskey ingredients for your cannabis plant


Once you have the perfect setting and all the correct materials to hand, it becomes a lot easier to start up your very own cannabis garden. In this brief introductory guide to cannabis nutrients focus is placed on moving towards achieving the correct pH balance for your plants, a factor that is taken into consideration for pretty much every other plant, vegetable or fruit species. Two key ingredients for your cannabis plant to take into account are phosphorus and potassium.

guide to cannabis nutrientskey ingredients for your cannabis plant

These two materials are essential for your plants’ bud development. They are the result part of what can be defined as the acquisition of your required blooming nutrients. Once you have these, buds can form, getting plenty of its required phosphorus and potassium, so important for the buds’ development. Phosphorus has the ability to increase the number of flowers produced. Potassium is good for increasing the weight of the flowers.

Too much nitrogen included, on the other hand, can discourage bud development during the flowering stage. This will produce an unpleasant taste, also impacting on the quality of your produced cannabis seeds. Nutrient deficiencies can occur of pH balance is not achieved, being too low or too high. Deficiencies are still possible even when the correct selection of nutrients have been added.

Checking out your cannabis plants’ pH levels is actually quite easy. All you need is the use of a digital pH pen. Using this pen, your checking is done in a matter of seconds. Ideal soil pH will be between 6 and 7 while hydroponics should be between 5.5 and 6.5. Done and dusted. You have been given a clue on achieving the ideal taste and aroma of your cultivated cannabis weed. Read further on what nutrients can be added to enhance taste and aroma.