Common Vein Disorders That Might Send You To a Specialist

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The veins in our body transport blood from one area to another. Just like any other body part, however, the veins can become damaged or even diseased. There are numerous vein conditions that might send you to the doctor at the nearest vein clinic in Rockford for treatment, including:

·    Varicose Vein: This is one of the most common issues a person experiences in their veins. Though usually not painful, and more of an aesthetic concern since the veins protrude from the skin, this is not always true and many patients find they need to go to the doctor to get treatment of the condition. If your varicose veins are painful or cause other problems, schedule that appointment.

·    Spider Veins: Many people confuse varicose veins and spider veins. While similar, they have very different symptoms, side effects, and risks. As the name suggest, thee veins appear spider-like through the skin and are often red, blue, or black in appearance. Like varicose veins, most patients are affected only by the cosmetic aspects of the condition but some experience throbbing, pain, and other symptoms.

·    Deep Vein Thrombosis: DVT is one of the more serious vein conditions. DVT usually affects people who are prone to blood clots. The condition causes blood clots to form deep within the veins. The result can be any number of side effects and symptoms, though it can be severe enough to cause inability to walk.

vein clinic in Rockfordprone to blood clots

These three conditions are the most commonly experienced vein problems, although other conditions do exist. If you suspect one of these issues is interfering with your life, schedule an appointment with a vein specialist at once. Treatment is available, but only when you take the first step and make that call to the specialist.